Compression Gauge

A compression gauge kit usually includes a hose and fitting which screws into the spark plug hole in an engines cylinder head along with the gauge itself. When a compression test is performed while cranking the engine, the gauge provides a reading of … [Read more...]

Cold Cranking Amps

The measurement of cranking amperes a battery can deliver over a period of 30 seconds at 0°F (-18°C). Commonly used to rate automotive batteries, it is not usually used to rate motorcycle batteries. Motorcycle batteries are rated in Amp/hours (A/h), … [Read more...]


Also known as a condenser. An electrical component that is made up of two metal sheets separated by an insulator. It is designed to store an electrical charge. A popular "hop-up" in the racing and off-road community is to replace the battery in a … [Read more...]


Hydraulic disc brake systems utilize brake calipers to hold and actuate the brake pads. The brake pads are held in place so that the brake disc is positioned between them. The caliper has one or more pistons which use hydraulic pressure to push the … [Read more...]


Christini Technologies Inc. designs and builds an All Wheel Drive motorcycle. In their fully mechanical system (no hydraulics or electronics,) power is in fact sent to both wheels at different ratios making it all wheel drive. The front wheel … [Read more...]

Combustion Chamber

The part of an engine where combustion of the air-fuel mixture takes place in the cylinder head. In two and four-stroke engines, and diesel motors, the combustion chamber refers to the space between the cylinder head and piston crown. … [Read more...]

Cast Iron Cylinder

A one-piece engine cylinder made of cast iron with a precision machined cylinder bore. The porosity of cast iron retains oil for piston and ring lubrication, but it is very heavy. Many motorcycles have aluminum cylinders with cast iron sleeves to … [Read more...]