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Drive Chain

SAFETY FIRST: Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended at this point.

The Honda 2002 – 2007 CRF450R and 2005 – 2007 CRF450X both use a 520 X 114 link chain with a master link.┬áThe R models have a standard chain, and the X models have an O-ring chain.

Proper chain adjustment is critical to the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. An improperly adjusted chain can break or derail from the sprockets resulting in vehicle damage or loss of control of the motorcycle.

Before riding, the drive chain should be checked to make sure that it’s adjusted and lubricated properly. The best time to clean and lube a chain is when its warm after a ride.

Clean the chain with a suitable high flash point solvent and a brush. Wipe the chain dry. Make sure it is completely dry before applying lubricant to the chain. Lubricate the chain with #80-90 gear oil or a suitable drive chain lube.

You should replace the chain and sprockets as a set. If you replace components individually wear will be accelerated on the new parts.


Place the motorcycle on a stand so the rear wheel is off the ground.

Rotate the rear wheel until you find the chain master link. Turn the rear wheel so the master link is located somewhere on the rear sprocket.

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