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Front Fork Disassembly

SAFETY FIRST: Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended at this point.

Place the motorcycle on a stand so the front wheel is off of the ground.

Loosen the fork dampers while they are in the fork clamps, and then remove the front forks. See the Front Fork Removal topic for more information.

Clean the outside of the forks before disassembly and inspect them for any cracks, dents or other damage.

Turn the compression and rebound adjusters as far as they will go

counterclockwise, and count how many turns it takes to get there.

Clamp the fork leg assembly in a vise using soft jaws or wood to prevent damaging the fork surface. Remove the previously loosened fork damper cap bolt using a 50 mm wrench. When you remove the damper, be careful to not let the outer tube fall on the inner tube. This could damage the guide bushing and dust seal.

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