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Suspension Settings

SAFETY FIRST: Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended at this point.

Shock Absorber Settings


To set the sag you will need two helpers. Race sag should be approximately one third of the total suspension travel.

Remove the left number plate, but install the seat. See the Side Covers topic for more information.

You will need to take three measurements of the rear suspension. Measure from the rear fender mounting bolt to the chain adjuster lock nut.

The first measurement you should take is a totally unloaded bike. Place the bike on a jack or stand so the rear suspension is fully extended. Take your measurement. We will call this measurement U for unloaded.

Next, measure with the rider on the bike with full equipment and gas, as if you are about to race or ride. Have one of your helpers steady the bike so the rider can place his feet on the footpegs. The bike should be as close to perfectly upright as possible. The Rider Should sit at the very front of the seat. The second helper should take the measurement. We will call this measurement L for loaded.

Race Sag = U – L

To determine race sag subtract L from U. The 2007 CRF450R specification for race sag is 100 mm or 3.9 in. Stiffen the preload to decrease sag, and soften the preload to increase sag. Decreasing the sag from the standard will make the bike turn quicker at the expense of some stability. Increasing the sag from standard will increase stability in areas with less turns, but will slow the turning of the motorcycle.


Remove the subframe to adjust the preload. See the Subframe topic for more information.

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