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Models Covered:

Prairie 360

2003 Kawasaki KVF360-A1 Prairie 4×4
2003 Kawasaki KVF360-B1 Prairie
2003 Kawasaki KVF360-C1 Prairie 4×4
2004 Kawasaki KVF360-A2 Prairie 4×4
2004 Kawasaki KVF360-B2 Prairie
2004 Kawasaki KVF360-C2 Prairie 4×4
2005 Kawasaki KVF360-A3 Prairie 4×4
2005 Kawasaki KVF360-B3 Prairie
2005 Kawasaki KVF360-C3 Prairie 4×4
2006 Kawasaki KVF360-A6F Prairie 4×4
2006 Kawasaki KVF360-B6F Prairie
2006 Kawasaki KVF360-C6F Prairie 4×4
2007 Kawasaki KVF360-A7F Prairie 4×4
2007 Kawasaki KVF360-B7F Prairie
2007 Kawasaki KVF360-C7F Prairie 4×4
2008 Kawasaki KVF360-A8F Prairie 4×4
2008 Kawasaki KVF360-B8F Prairie
2008 Kawasaki KVF360-C8F Prairie 4×4
2009 Kawasaki KVF360-A9F Prairie 4×4
2009 Kawasaki KVF360-B9F Prairie
2009 Kawasaki KVF360-C9F Prairie 4×4
2010 Kawasaki KVF360-AAF Prairie 4×4
2010 Kawasaki KVF360-CAF Prairie 4×4
2011 Kawasaki KVF360-ABF Prairie 4×4
2011 Kawasaki KVF360-CBF Prairie 4×4
2012 Kawasaki KVF360-ACF Prairie 4×4
2012 Kawasaki KVF360-CCF Prairie 4×4
2013 Kawasaki KVF360-ADF Prairie 4×4

Using this manual

This manual has been designed to assist trained mechanics in servicing the models listed above. If you do not have the proper training or tools to perform a particular task it is best if you seek out a service professional.

This manual was written using the latest information available at the time of publication. Illustrations in this manual are shown to help you with the basics of performing the jobs listed. The pictures in this manual may not depict the actual vehicle you’re working on, however the procedures will be similar.

Inexperienced technicians without the correct tools and knowledge may not be able to perform these jobs as intended. Caution needs to be taken for the vehicle and its operator as serious injury can occur. Always read a procedure in its entirety before attempting any repairs.

Many thumbnail images can be clicked on to show larger images. Topics that are explained in greater detail are referenced and linked to.

This manual features a 2003 Kawasaki KVF360-A1 Prairie 4×4

Cyclepedia Press LLC has published this manual without the consent or endorsement of the manufacturer of this vehicle. Cyclepedia Press LLC reserves all rights to this publication and does not permit the reproduction or use of this publication, in full or in part, in any manner without our express written permission. No trademark or patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained in this manual.

While the instructions, photographs and illustrations in this manual have been reviewed for accuracy it is up to the individual performing the procedures to use good judgement when performing any procedures described. Every precaution has been taken in the manufacture of this manual however the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions. Furthermore, no liability or responsibility is assumed for damages to property or injury to persons resulting from the use of the information contained in this guide. Use of this information to perform service procedures is done entirely at your own risk.

Errors and Omissions

If you notice any errors in this guide please contact us immediately.

Cyclepedia Press LLC

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