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crf250 frame polishing

This photo depicts a Honda CRF250 frame spar that was polished using the information presented in this video.

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Learn to Polish Metal

If polishing metal is a skill you would like to learn then David Waldoch has the information you need in this online video Custom Metal Polishing, Polish like the Pros. Learning how to polish metal is easy when you learn the facts from a metal polishing expert. The art of custom metal polishing is a satisfying pastime that can easily be transformed into a part time job. This one hour video is packed with examples and tips to get you started polishing metal fast.If you want to polish metal like the pros this video will teach you how. Want to know what kind of metal polishing equipment you need to get started? Inside tips on what kind of metal polishing buffing wheels and polishing compounds you need? Do you want to learn how to polish aluminum or other soft metals? Learn the most efficient techniques for polishing stainless steel and other hard metals? Do you know when to use different abrasive polishing wheels or how to properly polish prior to electroplating? This book will answer all your questions about metal polishing. Plenty of examples you can watch to assure that you will learn metal polishing correctly.

Honda CRF250 polished aluminum swingarm

The motorcycle swingarm shown here was polished using the techniques shown in this video. You can polish a swingarm to look like this with just a few inexpensive tools and supplies.

Imagine what you can do with your frame or brake calipers or forks with just a few inexpensive buffs, the right metal polishing compounds, and a little time? Don’t be surprised if people start asking you to polish their parts once they see your work.

The custom metal polishing online video is also available as a DVD video – Custom Metal Polishing And Buffing Video

For those who learn better by reading, the custom metal polishing online video is also available as a custom metal polishing book – Custom Metal Polishing Manual

Successful metal polishing requires knowledge, tools and time. This online metal polishing video is a valuable tool in obtaining the know-how to polish metal, choosing the right metal polishing products and saving you time.

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