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Stop wasting time searching the web for Motorcycle Specifications and get the information you need now. The Cyclepedia Motorcycle Service Specifications Database is a ready reference service specification guide that includes hundreds of thousands of ATV, Scooter, UTV and Motorcycle Specifications. If we don’t have the spec you need, don’t worry we’ll quickly look it up for you from our huge reference library and get you on your way.

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Manufacturers Included

Arctic Cat, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, KYMCO, Polaris, Suzuki, Victory and Yamaha

Specifications Included

Here are just a few of the specifications available to you:

Brakes – Front Disc Deflection Limit

Brakes – Front Disc Thickness Limit

Brakes – Front Pad Lining Thickness

Brakes – Rear Disc Deflection Limit

Brakes – Rear Disc Thickness Limit

Brakes – Rear Pad Lining Thickness

Capacities – Brake Fluid

Capacities – Coolant

Capacities – Coolant Type

Capacities – Engine Oil

Capacities – Engine Oil Classification

Capacities – Engine Oil Grade

Capacities – Final Drive Grease

Capacities – Final Drive Grease Type

Capacities – Final Drive Oil

Capacities – Final Drive Oil Classification

Capacities – Final Drive Oil Grade

Capacities – Fork Oil Classification

Capacities – Fork Oil Grade

Capacities – Fork Oil Level

Capacities – Fork Oil Volume

Capacities – Primary Drive Oil

Capacities – Primary Drive Oil Classification

Capacities – Transmission Oil

Capacities – Transmission Oil Classification

Capacities – Transmission Oil Grade

Capacities – Wheel Hub Fluid

Capacities – Wheel Hub Fluid Classification

Electrical – Battery Type

Electrical – Fuse Size

Electrical – Ignition Coil – Peak Voltage

Electrical – Ignition Coil Resistance

Electrical – Pickup Coil Peak Voltage

Electrical – Pickup Coil Resistance

Electrical – Regulated Voltage

Electrical – Spark Plug Gap

Electrical – Spark Plug Type – NGK

Electrical – Starter Motor Brush Length

Electrical – Starter Relay Resistance

Electrical – Stator Output

Electrical – Stator Peak Voltage

Electrical – Stator Resistance

Electrical – TPS Resistance

Electrical – Wiring Diagrams

Engine – Cam End Play

Engine – Camshaft Lobe Height Exhaust

Engine – Camshaft Lobe Height Intake

Engine – Camshaft Runout

Engine – Clutch Friction Plate Thickness

Engine – Clutch Spring Free Length

Engine – Clutch Steel Disc Warp

Engine – Con. Rod Bearing Clearance

Engine – Con. Rod Big End Bore Diameter

Engine – Con. Rod Small End Free Play

Engine – Con. Rod Small End I.D.

Engine – Countershaft O.D.

Engine – Crank Main Journal Bearin Clearance

Engine – Crank Main Journal Bearing Clearance

Engine – Crankpin Diameter

Engine – Crankshaft Big End Side Clearance

Engine – Crankshaft Radial Clearance

Engine – Crankshaft Runout

Engine – Cylinder Compression

Engine – Cylinder I.D.

Engine – Exhaust Valve Spring Free Length

Engine – Exhaust Valve Spring Service Limit

Engine – Intake Valve Spring Free Length

Engine – Mainshaft O.D.

Engine – Oil Pressure

Engine – Oil Pump Rotor Clearance

Engine – Piston Ring End Gap – 2nd

Engine – Piston Ring End Gap – Oil Rail

Engine – Piston Ring End Gap – Top

Engine – Piston Ring-to-Groove Clearance – 2nd

Engine – Piston Ring-to-Groove Clearance – Top

Engine – Piston-to-Cylinder Clearance

Engine – Primary Chain Deflection

Engine – Rocker Arm I.D.

Engine – Rocker Arm Shaft O.D.

Engine – Rocker Arm-to-Shaft Clearance

Engine – Shift Fork Claw Thickness

Engine – Transmission Shaft Runout

Engine – Valve Guide I.D.

Engine – Valve Stem O.D.

Engine – Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance

Final Drive – Chain Type

Final Drive – Links

Final Drive – Sprocket – Front

Final Drive – Sprocket – Rear

Fuel – Carburetor Clip Position

Fuel – Carburetor Float Height

Fuel – Carburetor Fuel Level

Fuel – Carburetor Jet Needle

Fuel – Carburetor Leak Jet

Fuel – Carburetor Main Jet

Fuel – Carburetor Manufacturer

Fuel – Carburetor Needle Jet

Fuel – Carburetor Pilot Jet / Slow Fuel Jet

Fuel – Carburetor Pilot Screw – Turns Out

Fuel – Carburetor Slide Cutaway

Fuel – Carburetor Slow Air Jet


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    I’m a subscriber to the CYCLEPEDIA PRO online manual database and it is cool that I get access to the specification database too. Thank you for quickly adding the Yamaha YZF600R carburetor specifications I requested. – S. Toth

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