1995-2007 Honda CR80 CR85 Service Manual

1995-2007 Honda CR80 CR85 Service Manual

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The online Cyclepedia.com 1995-2007 Honda CR80 CR85 Service Manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a seasoned Honda dealer trained technician.

The Honda CR80 and CR85 motorcycles offer a tremendous amount of performance for the price. The same is true with the Cyclepedia Online Honda CR80 / CR85 manual. This service manual is extremely easy to use. The manual’s color photos and complete break-down of the service procedures cover the entire bike. No matter if you ride on the motocross track, in the woods, or on a mini-supermoto track, having a good performing machine always makes it more fun.

The Honda CR80 CR85 Service Manual will help you repair the following Honda motocross bikes:

1995 Honda CR80RS
1996 Honda CR80RT
1996 Honda CR80RBT Expert
1997 Honda CR80RT
1997 Honda CR80RBT Expert
1998 Honda CR80R
1999 Honda CR80R
2000 Honda CR80RB Expert
2001 Honda CR80RB Expert
2001 Honda CR80R
2002 Honda CR80RB Expert
2002 Honda CR80R
2003 Honda CR85RB Expert
2003 Honda CR85R
2004 Honda CR85RB Expert
2004 Honda CR85R
2005 Honda CR85RB Expert
2005 Honda CR85R
2006 Honda CR85RB Expert
2006 Honda CR85R
2007 Honda CR85R Expert
2007 Honda CR85R

When you subscribe to the Honda CR80 CR85 Service Manual you’ll get instant access to the following information and more! The photos you see here are just a small sample of what you’ll get in our online shop manual.

Honda CR80 CR85 service manual air filter element maintenance

Honda CR80 / CR85 Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Chart, Clutch Cable Adjustment, Throttle Free Play, Engine Idle Speed, Drive Chain Adjustment, Brake Fluid, Brake Inspection, Transmission Oil, Spark Plug, Air Filter Servicing, Tires, Compression Test

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual draining coolant

Honda CR80 / CR85 Cooling System

Radiator, Coolant, Water Pump

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual drive chain slack

Honda CR80 / CR85 Final Drive

Drive Chain, Engine Sprocket, Rear Wheel Sprocket

Honda CR80 CR85 service manual carburetor removal

Honda CR80 / CR85 Fuel System

Carburetor Removal, Carburetor Installation, Carburetor Assembly, Carburetor Disassembly, Fuel Strainer, Airbox

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual radiator shroud removal

Honda CR80 / CR85 External Components

Side Covers, Sub-Frame, Seat, Fuel Tank, Footpegs, Front Number Plate, Handlebar, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Exhaust System

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual transmission gear disassembly

Honda CR80 / CR85 Engine

Engine Specifications, Cylinder Head, Cylinder and Piston, Clutch, Magneto, Right Crankcase Cover, Gearshift, Reed Valve, Kick Starter, Engine Removal, Engine Installation, Crankcase Splitting, Crankcase Assembly, Crankshaft, Crankcase Bearings, Transmission Removal, Transmission Assembly

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual front brake pad removal

Front Brake Honda CR80 / CR85

Front Disc, Front Brake Master Cylinder, Front Brake Caliper

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual rear brake pad removal

Honda CR80 / CR85 Rear Brake

Rear Brake Caliper, Brake Disc, Master Cylinder and Pedal

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual front tire removal

Honda CR80 / CR85 Wheels

Wheel and Axle Inspection, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Bearing Replacement

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual steering head

Honda CR80 / CR85 Steering

Removal, Installation

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual front fork removal

Honda CR80 / CR85 Front Suspension

Fork Removal and Installation, Front Fork, Specifications, Suspension Settings

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual rear suspension

Honda CR80 / CR85 Rear Suspension

Shock Removal, Shock Service, Shock Installation, Specifications, Swingarm, Shock Arm, Suspension Settings

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual electrical test

Honda CR80 / CR85 Electrical System

Electrical Specifications, Ignition System, Wiring Diagrams,

Honda CR80 CR85 servive manual VIN identification

Honda CR80 / CR85 Quick Reference

Specifications, VIN and Engine Number Location, Torque Specifications

Online Honda CR 80 / CR 85 Parts Diagrams

Honda CR 80 / CR 85 Troubleshooting

Professional Honda Tech Support

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