CRF450 Honda Manual 2002-2008 CRF450R / 2005-2017 CRF450X

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Did you know that the Honda CRF450?

  • Should have the valve clearance checked and the piston replaced after 6 races or 15 hours of use.
  • The transmission and engine have separate oil compartments.
  • Not properly maintaining a modern four-stroke motorcycle can create an extremely expensive repair bill.
  • Riding your motorcycle is more fun than spending a bucket load of money fixing something you could have prevented with a little time and the right information.

The Cyclepedia Press LLC Honda CRF450 online motorcycle service manual features detailed full-color photographs and color wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran Honda dealer trained motorcycle technician.

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Honda CRF450 valve adjustment procedure

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Chart, Clutch Cable Adjustment, Throttle Free Play, Engine Idle Speed, Drive Chain Adjustment, Hot Start Lever, Clutch Replacement, Engine Oil, Spark Plug, Compression Check, Air Filter Servicing, Transmission Oil, Tires, Brake Bleeding, Valve Clearance

Honda CRF450 coolant replacement

Cooling System

Cooling System Specifications, Coolant, Radiators, Water Pump

Honda CRF450 VIN location

Quick Reference

CRF450 Specifications, VIN and Engine Number Location, Engine Torque Specifications, General Torque Specifications

Honda CRF450 exhaust pipe removal

External Components

Side Covers, Seat, Fuel Tank, Brake Pedal, Brake Pedal, Front Number Plate, Handlebar, Sub Frame, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Exhaust System

Honda CRF450 crankshaft removal


Engine Specifications, Balancer, Cylinder Head Cover, Cylinder Head, Camshaft Inspection, Camshaft Removal, Camshaft Installation, Kick Starter, Cylinder and Piston, Clutch, Left Engine Components, Right Engine Components, Engine Removal, Engine Installation, Crankshaft, Crankcase Splitting, Crankcase Assembly, Transmission Removal, Transmission Assembly, Crankcase Assembly, Engine Installation

Honda CRF450 sprocket replacement

Final Drive

Final Drive Specifications, Drive Chain, Engine Sprocket, Rear Wheel Sprocket

Honda CRF450 brake caliper clean

Front Brake

Brake Disc, Front Brake Specifications, Front Brake Caliper, Front Brake Replacement

Honda CRF450 brake pad replacement

Rear Brake

Rear Brake Caliper, Rear Brake Replacement, Rear Brake Specifications

Honda CRF450 wheel bearing replacement


Wheel Specifications, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Bearing Replacement

Honda CRF450 steering head bearing adjustment


Removal, Bearing Replacement, Installation

Honda CRF450 fork seal replacement

Front Suspension

Fork Removal and Installation, Fork Seal Replacement, Front Fork Assembly, Front Fork Disassembly, Front Fork Specifications

Honda CRF450 rear shock spring replacement

Rear Suspension

Shock Removal and Installation, Specifications, Swing Arm

Honda CRF450 electrical troubleshooting

Electrical System

Electrical Specifications, Ignition System, Headlight, Switches, Color Wiring Diagrams

Parts Diagrams


Professional Tech Support

My Service Records – Online Service Log With Reminders New!

Honda CRF450 online repair manual

Honda CRF450 online motorcycle service guide

The Honda CRF 450R and CRF 450X motorcycle manual will show you how to repair and maintain the following Honda CRF 450 motorcycles:

2005 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2006 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2007 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2008 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2009 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2012 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2013 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2014 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2015 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2016 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles
2017 Honda CRF450X offroad motorcycles

2002 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2003 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2004 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2005 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2006 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2007 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles
2008 Honda CRF450R motocross motorcycles


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