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Cyclepedia Now Offers Powersport Training Courses!

If you don’t already have a Cyclepedia Pro account you’ll need to sign up here:

Existing Cyclepedia Pro customers can access the training system by logging into their Cyclepedia accounts.


Once logged in, each student will need to create a student account.


Students can learn at their own pace and upon receiving a passing grade they will be issued a certificate of completion. The system handles all aspects of the learning process including content delivery, course administration, tracking, testing and reporting. This is a great tool for dealerships wanting to test or further educate new hires and individuals aspiring to get into the motorcycle repair industry.

Available Courses:

The following courses are included in the Cyclepedia Powersports Training Program. Each course includes detailed learn-at-your-own-pace course study, quizzes and certificates of completion.

Powersports Engines

Powersports Electrical

Powersports Engines


The Cyclepedia Powersports Engine Course consists of the following lessons:

2-Stroke and 4-Stroke
4-Stroke Engine
4-Stroke Phases
Valve Train
Engine Timing
Valve Clearance
Timing Chain Tensioner
Cam and Rocker Inspection
Engine Valves
Valve Inspection
Valve Seats
Oil Filters
Oil Pump
Oil Pressure
2-Stroke Engine
2-Stroke Phases
Reed Valve
2-Stroke Exhaust Valve
Injection Oil Pump
Common Components
Crankshaft and Rod
Crank Inspection
Crank Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings
Balancer Shaft
Cylinder and Piston
Removal and Installation
Piston Rings
Cylinder Head
Crankcases and Covers
Crankcase Bearings
Fuel and Ignition

Powersports Electrical


Module 1 Electrical Basics

Unit 1 Electrical Basics

Unit 2 Laws of Electricity

Unit 3 Circuits

Unit 4 Alternating Current and Direct Current

Unit 5 General Testing Guidelines

Unit 6 Switches and Relays

Unit 7 Lights and Fuses

Unit 8 Electrical Test – Basics

Module 2 Charging System

Unit 1 Charging System

Unit 2 Charging Voltage

Unit 3 Battery

Unit 4 Battery Preparation

Unit 5 Generator

Unit 6 Regulator/Rectifier

Unit 7 Electrical Test – Charging

Module 3 Ignition System

Unit 1 Ignition System

Unit 2 Ignition Circuit

Unit 3 Spark Plug

Unit 4 Troubleshooting

Unit 5 Electrical Test – Ignition

Module 4 Electric Start System

Unit 1 Electric Starting System

Unit 2 Starting Circuit

Unit 3 Starter Relay

Unit 4 Starter Motor

Unit 5 Starter Clutch

Unit 6 Electrical Test – Starting

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