Kawasaki ATV Belt Reset Online Manual

How do I Reset my Kawasaki & Suzuki ATV Drive Belt Check Light?

Learn how to reset your ATV belt check light yourself. The Kawasaki Prairie 360, Kawasaki Prairie 650, Kawasaki Prairie 700, Kawasaki KFX700 V-Force, Kawasaki Brute Force 650, and Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATVs are fitted with drive belt alert systems. These systems, while designed with safety in mind, have become a nuisance to affected ATV owners who do not understand how they function. The belt drive warning system gets tripped when a fault is detected – the system locks down and will make your ATV sputter in “Slow Mode” and on some models disables four-wheel drive altogether. Letting your battery get too low or drawing too much power from accessories could trip the system. When the system trips your ATV will feel like it needs a carb cleaning as it will studder and stumble. The belt warning system on your ATV must be PROPERLY reset and should not be disabled or tampered with. This manual will show you how to properly reset it. Don’t get stranded out in the middle of nowhere without the information you need to reset your belt light and get back on the trail.



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When you subscribe to the Cyclepedia Belt Reset Manual you get instant access to our online help system. The information contained in the guide explains how to reset your Drive Belt Check system and/or the Drive Belt Failure Detection System. Models equipped with a Drive Belt Check system may alert you to check your belt by illuminating a light on the instrument cluster. Machines equipped with the Drive Belt Failure Detection System are put into a slowmode when the system is tripped. Entering slowmode partially disables the machine by limiting your engine speed to 3600 rpm and restricts your vehicle to 2 wheel-drive operation

Save Money – Save Time

Labor Rate
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Dropping Off ATV
Online Belt Reset Guide
$65 + 1 Hour or More Just $12.95 + Time Saved

The Cyclepedia.com Kawasaki ATV Belt Reset Guide features full-color photographs and step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran factory trained technician. Don’t get stranded on the trail! Get the information you need to get home safe, save time and save money.

Belt Reset Information is Included for the Following ATVs:

Kawasaki Prairie 360 4X4 (KVF360-A/C)
Kawasaki Prairie 650 4X4 (KVF650-A/B)
Kawasaki Prairie 700 4X4 (KVF700-A/B/D)
Kawasaki KFX700 V Force (KSV700-A/B/C)
Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4X4i (KVF650-D/E/F/G)
Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4i (KVF750-A/B/C/D/E/F)
Suzuki LT-V700F TwinPeaks

May apply to other makes and models.


Table Of Contents

Purpose of This Guide
More Information
False Alerts
ATV Belt Inspection
ATV Belt Replacement
Kawasaki Prairie 360 2X4 (KVF360-B)
Kawasaki Prairie 360 4X4 (KVF360-A/C)
Kawasaki Prairie 650 4X4 (KVF650-A/B)
Kawasaki Prairie 700 4X4 (KVF700-A/B/D)
Kawasaki KFX700 V Force (KSV700-A/B/C)
Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4X4i (KVF650-D/E/F/G)
Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4i (KVF750-A/B/C)
Suzuki LT-V700F TwinPeaks

Added Bonus! – Belt Inspection & Replacement Topics

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    I love the subscription for my ATV Belt Repair, the instructions are very easy to follow and the illustrations accurate. Thanks Cyclepedia! – Wilson R.

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    Thanks for the information on how to reset the belt indicator on my Kawasaki Prairie. Your online manual was easy to follow and took less than 30 minutes to complete. The drive to my local Kawasaki dealer is an hour and a half each way. Gas and time were a big savings and this information is something every quad owner should know. Thanks. – Terry C.

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    This was the first time I’ve used an online manual so I was a little cautious. But after going ahead I was sure glad I did. With the information in your ATV Belt Reset manual I quickly repaired my ATV and got back up and running. Great Service! – J. Lawler

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    I have a 2007 kawasaki prairie 360 4×4. as everyone knows, they are a belt driven atv. The belt drive is great but it has a check belt light that comes on about every 100 hours of use. i needed to know how to reset the light on mine, rather than taking it to the dealer and paying them to do it. i got step by step instructions and pictures of it from Cyclepedia.com. it was a very simple procedure. – Jerry A.

  5. gription says

    Your information was very helpful. When I purchased the info from you my ATV was out on my farm and I thought the light that had came on said “Tighten Belt”, but it did just say “check belt”. I purchased the ATV used and do not have the owners manual. I used the information you provided and got the light to go off. – R. Upton

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    Your Kawasaki ATV Brute Force Prairie Belt Reset Manual was very helpful. A great product! – R. Wilson

  7. gription says

    In the process of changing the belt on my 750 Brute Force, I forgot the direction of rotation. So, I turned the key on and cranked the engine. Ooops, the belt failure detection switch was unplugged. Yep, the belt light started flashing. Crap, I was going riding the next day. I called my mechanic, who had told me how to reset the system, but he never called back. Then I remembered a friend told me about your online Kawasaki belt reset guide. I did a search, found you, paid my small fee, and reset the system like I knew what I was doing!! And yes, I did get to go riding the next day, thanks to you guys!! – F. Wosmek

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    The Cyclepedia.com Kawasaki ATV manual is a fast way to obtain the information needed to reset your ATV belt light. – D. Bennedum

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    We have already used your informative service to reset the check belt light on our new quad. As long as we are to expect it to need resetting about every 100 hours we are very glad to know how to do it ourselves. Thank you.

  10. admin says

    My local dealer has reset my Kawasaki Prairie from LIMP mode three times now. What a complete hassle! I’ve had to argue with them each time as they wanted me to pay them for fixing it – even though it was a brand new machine which I had bought from them!!! I subscribed to your service this weekend and won’t be needing their “help” any longer. Thank you thank you thank you! Tracie

  11. admin says

    Great product and service! I have a Kawasaki 650 Prairie that has tripped the belt indicator switch for a second time. I replaced the belt the first time and reset the switch but could not erase the darn fault code. I ended up paying the dealer just to reset the fault code. NOT CHEAP! The second time around I decided to buy a factory manual so I could reset the code myself after replacing the belt. They wanted $76.00 bucks and ten days for the manual. My wife wants to ride NOW. Luckily I found your site and your great manuals. For a small amount of money and a few minutes time we were up and running and tearing up the trails. Thanks for the great product. Ride SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY!

    Bruce, River Ratz ATV group

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