Kawasaki KDX 200 220 Manual Service and Repair

Kawasaki KDX200, Kawasaki KDX220 online service, repair manual

This Kawasaki KDX 200 220 Manual covers 1995-2006 Kawasaki KDX200 H and 1997-2005 KDX220 A motorcycles.

The Cyclepedia.com Kawasaki KDX online service manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and written by a veteran Kawasaki dealer trained technician.

Do you need to clean or repair your exhaust power valve? This manual will show you how.


When you become a subscriber you get the following information and more!

Quick Reference – Component Location, Bolt and Nut Torque and Size Specification, Bolt Tightening Torque, Specifications, Torque Conversions, VIN Number Location

kdx200 kdx220 component location

External Components – Foot Pegs, Front Fender, Fuel Tank, Radiator Shrouds, Rear Fender, Seat, Side Covers

kdx200 kdx220 radiator shroud

Periodic Maintenance – Air Filter Servicing, Brake Fluid, Brakes & Hoses, Clutch, Compression Check, Crankcase Oil Replacement, Drive Chain, Engine Coolant & Hoses, Engine Idle Speed, Exhaust System, Periodic Maintenance Chart, Sparkplug Inspection, Throttle Free Play, Tires

kdx200 kdx220 compression test

Engine – Clutch Components, Clutch Installation, Clutch Removal & Inspection, Bottom End Disassembly, Engine Reassembly Bottom End, Engine Reassembly Top End, Engine Removal, Magneto Removal, Top End Disassembly, Transmission Removal & Inspection, Engine Troubleshooting

kdx200 kdx220 engine crankcase splitting

Drive – Chain Adjustment, Inspection, Chain Removal, Sprocket Removal

kdx200 kdx220 drive chain inspection

Front Wheel – Bearing Seal Installation, Front Wheel Installation, Front Wheel Runout, Removal and Inspection, Spoke and Wheel

kdx200 kdx220 front wheel installation

Rear Wheel – Bearing and Seal Installation, Bearing and Seal Removal, Rear Wheel Installation, Rear Wheel Runout, Removal and Bearing, Inspection, Spoke and Wheel

kdx200 kdx220 rear wheel removal

Steering – Assembly Installation, Steering Removal, Steering Troubleshooting

kdx200 kdx220 steering head bearing adjustment

Front Suspension – Disassembly and Inspection, Fork Oil Service, Reassembly, Removal, RACE TECH Revalve, Settings, Fork Seal Replacement

kdx200 kdx220 front fork oil change

Rear Suspension – Rear Shock Disassembly and Inspection, RACE TECH Revalve, Shock Adjustment, Shock Removal, Swingarm Removal, Swingarm Bearings

kdx200 kdx220 shock absorber removal

Fuel System – Carb Removal, Carb Disassembly, Float Height, Fuel Valve, Specification Charts

kdx200 kdx220 carburetor disassembly

Front Brakes – Front Brake Information, Brake Disc, Front Caliper, Master Cylinder, Pad Replacement, Fluid Inspection and Bleeding

kdx200 kdx220 front brake caliper removal

Rear Brakes – Front Brake Information, Brake Disc, Front Caliper, Master Cylinder, Pad Replacement, Fluid Inspection and Bleeding

kdx200 kdx220 rear brake pad replacement

Cooling System – Coolant Removal & Replacement, Coolant Reserve Tank, Radiator, Water Pump

kdx200 kdx220 cooling system

Exhaust System – Silencer and Exhaust Pipe

kdx200 kdx220 exhaust system

Electrical System – Component Location, Ignition System, Lighting, Sparkplug Inspection, Wiring Diagrams, Electrical Troubleshooting

kdx200 kdx220 electrical mageneto removal

Troubleshooting – Brake Troubleshooting, Electrical Troubleshooting, Engine Troubleshooting, Steering Troubleshooting



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    I have the Cyclepedia KDX 200 service manual and I love it. It helped me through a rebuild of my Kawasaki. I would really like to continue using your manuals for my current and future bikes. – I. Laing

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    I bought your Online Cyclepedia KDX200 manual and I have to say it is awesome! It has saved me so much in repairs. – M. Bell

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    Excellent Kawasaki KDX 220 manual! Very detailed. Even if you’ve never wrenched on a bike before, this manual makes it easy. Lots of pics and tips to guide you through even the toughest of jobs. Thanks Cyclepedia! – E. Rodriguez

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    I subscribed to your Kawasaki KDX220 manual at Cyclepedia.com. The quality of your photos are great and the instructions are easy to follow. GOOD JOB! – C. Walton

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    I used your Kawasaki online KDX 200 manual for the first time today when I removed the carburetor. The pictures and text were helpful. I would recommend your product to my friends. – W. Ayers

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    The Cyclepedia.com KDX200 online manual is great! I got a prompt response to my order and was reading my online manual in no time. – J. Murray

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    I have two file drawers full of shop manuals, your online Kawasaki KDX200 shop manual is by far the best I’ve ever seen. The pictures are fantastic and having the torque specs right there in the section where you need them is great. No flipping back and forth (I printed out my manual, I like to read them in the evening in my easy chair). I will spread the word and in the future you have my business. Frank Morris

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    Your KDX manual is easy to use and I found everything I need. This is a great site and I will be recommending it to my friends. Steve W.

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    The layout of your online Kawasaki KDX200 repair manual is very easy to follow and the technical information is so very useful. J. Little

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    “I wish this KDX manual would have been around years ago. It is so clear and explained so much better than the Kawasaki version.” – kdxrider.net

  11. admin says

    Just purchased a 1997 KDX and needed some info before I started prodding around with the carb, ignition system and so on. Like to say thanks for what you had available at the time, as I was due to go out on a trial ride with freinds. It was late Saturday here in Australia so nothing is open past midday and we has everything teed up for a great Sunday ride. Got the carby tuned sweet and cleaned the filter and fuel tank. Ran like a dream, for an oil burner… Regards, Scott

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    I subscribed to Cyclepedia.com this morning, and I’m extremely impressed with the quality and usability of your online KDX200 manual. As it turns out, I chose to subscribe without having any idea what the content would really be like – besides your description – which made it a leap of faith basically. If people could see just how good this manual is it would make hitting the subscribe button a no-brainer!

    I’ll spread the word to my riding mates. Best regards Tony.

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    I looked for a Clymer KDX200 manual that covered my 1997 KDX200 but could not find one. Eventually, I found a decent online repair manual for my KDX at Cyclepedia.com. It is reasonably priced and has helped me out a lot. Kaleel

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