Suzuki and Yamaha Motorcycle & ATV Model Year Code Letter Designations

Have you ever wondered how you can identify the model year of a Suzuki or Yamaha motorcycle or ATV?

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Suzuki and Yamaha assign a year letter code to the end of each model name. Perhaps you’ve noticed this letter designation in your Suzuki or Yamaha repair manual or owners manual but weren’t sure what it meant.

Well here’s how it works: If you own a 1999 Suzuki GSX-R600X the X at the end tells us it was sold as a 1999 model year. Likewise, if you own a 2000 Yamaha YZ125M the M at the end of the model name indicates it was sold as a 2000 model. Please note that the year of manufacture, (stamped into the frame or printed on a sticker affixed to your vehicle), does not necessarily denote the model year. It is not uncommon for a motorcycle to be manufactured the year prior to the year it is sold and marketed as. So you 2009 RMZ250 may very well have been manufactured in November of 2008 for example.

In descending order, the Suzuki and Yamaha year code letter designations are as follows:

Year Yamaha Suzuki Polaris
2015 F L5
2014 E L4
2013 D L3
2012 B L2
2011 A L1
2010 Z L0 A
2009 Y K9 9
2008 X K8 8
2007 W K7 7
2006 V K6 6
2005 T K5 5
2004 S K4 4
2003 R K3 3
2002 P K2 2
2001 N K1 1
2000 M Y Y
1999 L X X
1998 K W W
1997 J V V
1996 H T T
1995 G S S
1994 F R R
1993 E P P
1992 D N N
1991 B M M
1990 A L L
1989 W K K
1988 U J J
1987 T H H
1986 S G G
1985 N F F
1984 L E E
1983 K D D
1982 J Z C
1981 H X B
1980 G T A
1979 F N 9
1978 E C 8
1977 D B 7
1976 C A 6
1975 B M 5
1974 A L 4
1973 K 3
1972 J 2
1971 R 1


Suzuki International Market Codes

Suzuki has assigned international market codes to their vehicles for the purpose of differentiating models produced for a specific market. Generally models with different codes will have unique specifications.


EO1 General
EO2 England
EO3 or P03 United States
E18 Switzerland
E19 EU
E24 Australia
E28 Canada
E33 or P33 California (USA)
E39 Austria

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