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This Cyclepedia online manual provides service information for 2002-2014 Yamaha YZ85 motorcycles.

2017 Yamaha YZ85H
2016 Yamaha YZ85G
2015 Yamaha YZ85F
2014 Yamaha YZ85E
2013 Yamaha YZ85D
2012 Yamaha YZ85B
2011 Yamaha YZ85A
2010 Yamaha YZ85Z
2009 Yamaha YZ85Y
2008 Yamaha YZ85X
2007 Yamaha YZ85W1
2006 Yamaha YZ85V
2005 Yamaha YZ85T
2004 Yamaha YZ85S
2003 Yamaha YZ85R
2002 Yamaha YZ85P

Using this manual

This manual has been designed to assist trained mechanics in servicing the models listed above. If you do not have the proper training or tools to perform a particular task it is best if you seek out a service professional.

This manual was written using the latest information available at the time of publication. Illustrations in this manual are shown to help you with the basics of performing the jobs listed. The pictures in this manual may not depict the actual vehicle you’re working on, however the procedures will be similar.

Inexperienced technicians without the correct tools and knowledge may not be able to perform these jobs as intended. Caution needs to be taken for the vehicle and its operator as serious injury can occur. Always read a procedure in its entirety before attempting any repairs.

Topics that are explained in greater detail are referenced and linked to.

This manual features a 2006 YZ85


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    Great stuff like the color pics

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