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Shift Drum Removal

Split the crankcase.

Lift the transmission shafts and drum out of the left hand crankcase half as a unit.

Pull the cotter pins out of the shift forks and remove the locating pins. Slide the shift forks off the drum.

Take the screw out of the end of the shift drum, and then remove the retainer plate. The pins in the end of the drum will fall out.

Installation Notes:

Stake the head of the shift drum screw after tightening it securely, or use a thread locking compound on it.

Be sure to use new cotter pins on the shift forks. If a locating pin were to fall out during use, the transmission could shift into two gears at once, causing the transmission to lock with the possibility of extensive damage. On late models, install the drum locator plate with the “K” mark toward the small end of the drum.

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