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The carburetor is a Mikuni VM15SC. Its job is to mix the air and fuel going to the engine in the proper proportions for good running under all loads at all engine speeds. It does this with four basic systems: the starter system, the pilot system, the main system, and the float system. The starter system consists of a valve which can be opened to allow an extra rich mixture to be drawn through the starter jet into the engine for starting the engine when it is cold. The pilot system is an easily adjustable lower-speed fuel and air supply system; it meters the fuel needed by the engine at idle and during low speed operation. The main system consists of the main jet through which fuel is drawn, to be metered at less than wide-open throttle by the jet needle and needle jet, and finally admitted to the carburetor throat to pass into the engine. The main system supplies fuel for moderate and high speed (or high power) operation. The float system controls the amount of fuel allowed into the fuel bowl. The other systems draw all their fuel from the fuel bowl, and depend on the float system to keep the right quantity of fuel in the bowl.


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