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The schematic drawing of the kickstarter shows how the gear train carries the rotation of the kickstarter shaft to the crank shaft. When the kickstarter shaft turns, the pawl turns the kick starter gear concentric with the shaft. The kickstarter gear turns the idle gear mounted in the right hand side cover. The idle gear turns the small gear mounted on the face of the input shaft drive gear, which turns the primary pinion. The primary pinion has a non-return bearing in it that turns the bushing on the crankshaft. This bushing turns the crankshaft because it is pinched between the crankshaft oil seal collar and the clutch housing, by the clutch nut. When the engine starts, the crank shaft turns the bushing inside of the non-return bearing without turning the primary pinion. The primary pinion will not turn until the clutch engages with increased engine speed.

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