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Rear Suspension

Rear Shock Absorbers

The rear shock absorbers serve to dampen shock transmitted to the frame and rider from the rear wheel. For this purpose they are connected between the frame and the rear end of the swing arm. Shock absorption is performed by the spring.

On early models, the rear shocks may be disassembled for lubrication by unscrewing the spring holder on the top end of the shock. Coat the rod with a thin film of chassis grease. On 1973 and later models, the shocks can not be disassembled.


Check the rubber bushings, and replace any that are worn, cracked, hardened, or otherwise damaged.

Swing Arm

The swing arm is designed to work with the shock absorbers to dampen the shock to the frame from the rear wheel. The rear end of the swing arm is connected to the frame by the rear shock absorbers, while the front end through rubber dampened bushings pivots on a shaft connected to the frame. When the rear wheel receives a shock, the swing arm, pivoting on its shaft, allows the wheel to move up and down in relation to the frame within the limits of the shock absorbers.

Each bushing consists of rubber cemented between steel sleeves. The outer sleeve is press fitted to the swing arm and the inner sleeve is fitted around the pivot shaft and pressed against the frame. The movement of the swing arm in relation to the frame is permitted by the elasticity of the rubber.

Since the pivoting of the swing arm depends on the bushing rubber, there are no wearing parts requiring lubrication. However, as the rubber deteriorates and loses its resiliency, a resulting looseness between the swing arm and the pivot shaft will adversely affect motorcycle stability.


Visually inspect the bushings in the swing arm. If they are deteriorated or damaged, they must be replaced.

Measure the inside diameter of the bushings and the outside diameter of the shaft. If the bushing I.D. is greater, or the shaft O.D. is less, than the service limit, replace the parts.

Pivot Shaft, Bush Diameter

Standard Service Limit
Shaft O.D. 9.93 -10.00mm 9.90mm
Bush I.D. 10.10 -10.25mm 10.40mm

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