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The transmission used in the MT1 and KV75 is a three-speed, return shift, constant mesh type. For simplicity, the drive shaft gears in the following explanation will be referred to as D1, D2, and D3 and the output shaft gears as 01, 02, and 03. The slider on the output shaft will be called OS.

D3, 01, and 02 turn freely on their shafts. D1 and 03 are actually a part of their shafts and, of course, they turn with their shafts at all times. D2 and OS are splined to their shafts, so that although they must turn with their shafts, they can slide sideways along them. In first gear, OS moves toward the right side of the engine to engage the dogs on 01. 01 must now turn with the output shaft, and because it meshes with D1 the power flow through the transmission is from the drive shaft, to D1, to 01, to OS, to the output shaft. In second gear, the slider moves to the left to engage 02. Now the power flow is from the drive shaft, to D2 (through the splines), to 02, to OS, to the output shaft. In third gear, OS returns to a point half way between 01 and 02 engaging neither, D2 slides to the left to engage D3; and the power flow is from the drive shaft to D2, to D3, to 03, which is part of the output shaft. In neutral, neither D2 nor OS engages any gear; all the gears spin freely with no power transmitted between the shafts.



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