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Starter Motor & Jackshaft

SAFETY FIRST: Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended at this point.

Note: The steps here show the installation procedure on a 1998 Harley-Davidson FLT motorcycle, you should have a service manual for your particular vehicle to get a better understanding of your particular setup and have factory recommended torque levels and specifications on hand.

Check out the Additional Service Information Resources for more information on finding service information for your specific vehicle.


Thoroughly clean the vehicle to make the job easier and prevent contamination of the new components during installation.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00001

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00003

Get your High Performance Starter Motor and Jack Shaft kit from ALL BALLS RACING.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00006

Remove the contents of your ALL BALLS RACING starter motor kit.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00002

Remove the contents of your ALL BALLS RACING jack shaft kit.

Arrange the components in an organized manner for easy installation. Note: wait to do this until the old parts are removed and you are ready to begin installing the new components.

Starter Motor Replacement

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00009

Remove the seat bolt.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00010

Remove the seat.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00013

Disconnect the ground lead from the battery.


Remove the floorboard, shift lever and passenger foot pegs.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00035

Remove the drain plug and allow the primary oil to drain completely.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00039

Remove the mounting bolts and the primary chain case cover.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00041

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00042

Bend the tab on the lock washer.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00043

Extend the pinion gear so it can be held by the clutch driven gear and loosen the jack shaft bolt. Wrap the pinion gear with a rag and hold it with pliers if needed to keep it from turning when the bolt is loosened.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00044

Remove the jack shaft bolt and washers.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00045

Remove the pinion gear and spring, and check for any damaged teeth on the starter driven gear on the clutch basket. Replace the components as necessary.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00069

Follow the manufacturers instructions and remove the clutch and primary chain as an assembly.

Note: On some models the clutch hub main shaft nut has reverse or left hand threads.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00070

Remove the coupling and the old jack shaft.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00046

Locate the starter motor on the right side of the machine.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00049

Pull back the rubber boot, remove the lock nut and free the starter motor cables.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00047

Disconnect the solenoid connector.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00079

Remove the 2 starter motor mounting bolts. Some models may require the removal of an exhaust bracket.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00054

Remove the starter motor.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00072

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00071

Drive out the old jack shaft oil seal and note the direction of the seal for installation.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00074

Apply a thin coat of grease to the new oil seal lips.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00073

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00075

Install the new jack shaft oil seal into the left case half until it is fully seated.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00076

Note the direction and order of your new jack shaft and parts.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00084

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00083

Install the the splined washer onto the new starter motor, a small dab of grease will help hold it in place. Apply a thin coat of grease to the starter motor splines.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00050

Install the new starter motor onto the engine. Tighten the bolts to specification with a toque wrench.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00088

Using a suitable holding tool, carefully place the spring onto the starter motor shaft. Avoid damaging the oil seal or dropping the spring.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00089

Install the new jack shaft onto the starter motor shaft, carefully guide it through the oil seal. Make sure it fits correctly- you will feel it press against the spring.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00091

Install the clutch and primary assembly, follow the manufacturers instructions for proper reassembly.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00087

Install the plain washer onto the jack shaft bolt.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00086

Apply non-permanent thread locking agent to the bolt threads.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00092

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00093

Install the bolt into the jack shaft, hold the jack shaft with a suitable tool and tighten the bolt to 5 ft. lbs.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00039

Install the primary cover and fill with oil following the manufacturers instructions.


Install the floorboard, shift lever and passenger foot pegs following the manufacturer’s instructions.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00046

Connect the solenoid lead and battery cables, pull the rubber boot over the cables.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00012

Connect the negative battery lead.

ALL-BALLS Jackshaft_00008

Install the seat and tighten the bolt securely to the manufacturers specification.




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