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Suspension Inspection

SAFETY FIRST: Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended at this point.


Check the action of the front fork or shock absorbers by compressing them several times. Make sure the suspension moves smoothly without roughness, sticking, or excessive noise. Repeat the exercise with the rear suspension.

Check the forks and shock absorber assemblies for oil leaks, looseness or damage.

If the front forks are leaking oil the seals need to be replaced. If the front forks have harsh movement the slider and or guide bushings may be worn out or damaged.

For information on adjusting the suspension see the General Suspension Adjustment [1] topic.

Needle Bearing Inspection

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[1] General Suspension Adjustment: https://www.cyclepedia.com/manuals/CPP-CSM/Content/Suspension/Suspension%20adj.htm

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