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The following is a list of abbreviations commonly used in the powersports industry

A Ampere or Amp
ABDC After Bottom Dead Center
ABS Anti-lock Brake System
AC Alternating Current
Assy Assembly
ATC All Terrain Cycle
ATDC After Top Dead Center
ATV All Terrain Vehicle
Batt Battery
BBDC Before Bottom Dead Center
BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BTDC Before Top Dead Center
C Celcius
cc cubic centimeter
CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition
cm centimeter
CO Carbon monoxide
CO2 Carbon dioxide
DC Direct Current
DOHC Double Over Head Cam
DOT Department of Transportation (US)
ECM Electronic Control Module
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
EGA Exhaust Gas Analyzer
EMF Electro-Motive Force (voltage)
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (US)
EX Exhaust
F Fahrenheit
Fr Front
ft foot or feet
g gram
gnd ground
hr hour
hp horsepower
ID Inside Diameter
in inch or inches
IN Intake
kg kilogram
kph kilometers per hour
l liter or liters
Lt Left
lb pound
LBS Linked Braking System
LED Light Emitting Diode
m meter or meters
Max Maximum
min minute or minutes
Min Minimum
mph miles per hour
MSF Motorcycle Safety Foundation (US)
N/A Not Available or Not Applicable
N Newton or Newtons
N-m Newton Meter
NOx Nitrogen Oxide
O Oxygen
OD Outside Diameter
OE Original Equipment
OEM Original Equipment of the Manufacturer
os over size(d)
oz ounce or ounces
Pa Pascal or Pascals
psi pounds per square inch
PWC Personal Water Craft
rev revolution
Rt Right
Rr Rear
rpm revolutions per minute
SOHC Single Over Head Cam
std standard
Rt Right
TDC Top Dead Center
TPI Transistorized Pointless Ignition
V Volt
VOM Volt-Ohm Meter
W Watt or Watts

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