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Conversion Tables

The following conversion tables in order of appearance are; Length, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Speed, Torque and Pressure.


From Conversion To
inches multiply by 25.4 millimeters
millimeters multiply by .03937 inches
feet multiply by 30.48 centimeters
centimeters divide by 30.48 feet
feet multiply by .3048 meters
meters divide by .3048 feet
yards multiply by .9144 meters
meters divide by .9144 yards
miles divide by .6214 kilometers
kilometers multiply by .6214 miles


From Conversion To
ounces multiply by 28.35 grams
grams divide by 28.35 ounces
pounds divide by 2.205 kilograms
kilograms multiply by 2.205 pounds


From Conversion To
fluid ounces divide by .03381 milliliters
milliliters multiply by .03381 fluid ounces
US pints divide by 2.113 liters
liters multiply by 2.113 US pints
US quarts divide by 1.057 liters
liters multiply by 1.057 US quarts
US gallons divide by .2642 liters
liters multiply by .2642 US gallons
cubic inches multiply by 16.387064 cubic centimeters
cubic centimeters divide by 16.387064 cubic inches


From Conversion To
degrees Fahrenheit subtract 32, then multiply by .5555555 Celius
degrees Celcius divide by .5555555, then add 32 Fahrenheit


From Conversion To
kilometers per hour multiply by .6214 miles per hour
miles per hour divide by .6214 kilometers per hour


From Conversion To
Newton-meters (N-m) multiply by 8.851 inch-pounds (in-lb)
inch-pounds (in-lb) divide by 8.851 Newton-meters (N-m)
Newton-meters (N-m) multiply by .7376 foot-pounds (ft-lb)
foot-pounds (ft-lb) divide by .7376 Newton-meters (N-m)


From Conversion To
PS multiply by .9863 horsepower
horsepower divide by .9863 PS
kiloWatts (kW) multiply by 1.341 HP
HP divide by 1.341 kiloWatts (kW)


From Conversion To
kiloPascals (kPa) multiply by .145 pounds per square inch (psi)
pounds per square inch (psi) divide by .145 kiloPascals (kPa)


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